Artist Bio

Elijah Stephen is an American artist and drum circle facilitator whose work is hugely inspired by the dichotomy of corporate culture and family life. Stephen’s work juxtaposes the internal and external realities of life, often highlighting the plight of human beings working aimlessly to reach their fullest potential.

After painting his most notable work, “Take A Stand,” he became recognized as a community activist. He painted the 10ft x 10ft mural on boarded-up windows during the 2020 protest of the George Floyd murder. In 2021, the mural was featured in the Indiana State Museum’s Exhibition “RESPONSE: IMAGES AND SOUNDS OF A MOVEMENT,” which led to local notoriety, more public art opportunities, and multiple retail partnerships with his “Equality” t-shirt line.

Elijah Stephen hosts corporate team-building workshops, school-age programs, intuitive painting classes, and is a keynote speaker.