Team Building Workshop

In this highly interactive 1 hour workshop, participants will experience the team building power of the drum circle. Participants learn through the communal music making experience how important it is to collaborate and listen to one another. They also learn the value of their individual contribution within the context of the team. This is a curriculum based workshop that breaks down barriers by allowing participants to creatively express themselves through drums, tambourines, shakers and, bells. Drumming in a group will provide a fun and non competitive environment that builds your team, enhances togetherness and, improves group dynamics


Drumming to Heal

In this highly interactive 1 hour workshop, participants will experience the healing and community building power of the drum circle. This communal music making experience reduces anxiety, is an emotional release and provides community support. The drum circle promotes personal empowerment and self awareness by allowing participants to creatively express themselves through drums and other percussion instruments such as tambourines, shakers and bells. A drum circle can be a healthy environment for developing coping skills and focuses on teamwork to diminish impulse control problems. Participants will leave with a renewed heart, mind, body and spirit.

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Rhythm of Life

The "Rhythm of Life" program is a vibrant and engaging creative aging initiative centered around the power of drumming and drum circles. Over six enriching sessions, older adults will delve into the world of percussion, learning various drumming techniques and rhythms from diverse cultures. Through this shared musical journey, participants will not only develop their artistic skills but also forge meaningful connections with their peers, promoting social engagement and well-being. The program will culminate in a grand drum circle event where participants will showcase their newfound rhythmic talents and celebrate the joy of making music together.

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  • Cultural Rhythms Explorers - A School Age Drum Adventure

    Embark on a captivating one-hour journey of rhythm, culture, and education with our "Cultural Rhythms Explorers" drum program. Designed specifically for school-age students, this engaging and interactive session invites young learners to discover the world of percussion from around the globe.

  • CommUnity Drum Cirlce

    Step into the rhythm of togetherness with our CommUnity Drum Circle – a one-hour event where participants of all ages and backgrounds join hands, or rather hands on drums, to create a harmonious symphony of beats. This inclusive gathering is a celebration of unity, diversity, and the joy of communal music-making.

  • Build, Decorate, & Play

    This engaging program invites participants of all ages to craft their own Afrocentric rice shakers, exploring the rich traditions and vibrant beats of African percussion. Guided by skilled instructors, attendees will delve into the cultural significance of rhythm in Afrocentric communities while creating personalized rice shakers infused with the spirit of the diaspora. The workshop not only promises a hands-on experience in crafting unique instruments but also ensures a rhythmic journey that connects participants with the heartbeat of Afrocentric culture. Join us for an enriching celebration of rhythm, culture, and creativity!