Creative Visionaries: High School Mural Art Program

Embark on a transformative artistic journey with Creative Visionaries, a dynamic high school mural art program designed to empower budding artists. Throughout the program, students will delve into the realms of researched-based art practice, cultivating foundational artistic skills and exploring the intricate world of art entrepreneurship. Facilitated by seasoned mentors, this immersive experience goes beyond conventional art education, guiding students to harmonize their passion for art with sustainability. The pinnacle of the program is the collaborative creation of a school mural on canvas—an endeavor that not only showcases individual artistic expressions but also fosters a sense of community and pride. Join us on this inspiring voyage of self-discovery, collaboration, and the boundless possibilities of creative vision.

Intuitive Painting Workshop

Embark on a transformative journey of self-expression with our Intuitive Painting Workshop, where art becomes a vehicle for exploring the depths of your creativity. Across multiple sessions, participants will delve into the liberating world of spontaneous painting, guided by a carefully crafted curriculum. Each session unfolds as a unique exploration of emotions, allowing individuals to bypass conscious thought and connect directly with their artistic instincts. No previous painting experience is necessary, as the workshop focuses on the process rather than the final product. Engage in a series of exercises, prompts, and techniques designed to awaken your intuitive abilities, resulting in vibrant and meaningful artwork. This workshop is a celebration of personal expression and artistic freedom, fostering a supportive environment for each participant's creative journey. Join us for an immersive experience where the canvas becomes a mirror to your inner world, and every brushstroke is a step toward self-discovery.


Paint With Eli

Indulge in the artful escape of Painting with Eli, a sanctuary where creativity and fine wine intertwine, and the worries of the day dissolve into strokes of vibrant color. Step into an intimate soirée for a select twelve, bathed in the warm glow of candlelight and serenaded by soulful melodies. Sip and savor your chosen wine as you embark on a journey of self-expression, guided by the intuitive brush of Eli. This unique painting experience transcends the ordinary, inviting you to unleash your artistic spirit in a judgment-free space. Under Eli's skillful encouragement, witness your imagination come alive with every stroke. Join us for an evening of artistic discovery, fine wine, and cherished camaraderie — a night to rejuvenate, inspire, and revel in the joy of creation. We eagerly await your presence on this canvas of shared creativity!

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Young Visionaries: A Colorful Canvas for School-Age Artists

Embark on a vibrant artistic journey with "Young Visionaries," a dynamic painting program crafted for school-age students. This immersive experience invites budding artists to explore the world of color, shapes, and storytelling through the expressive medium of painting. Our dedicated instructors guide students through engaging sessions, incorporating elements of both heritage and creativity. "Young Visionaries" is not merely an art class; it's an empowering exploration where young minds can flourish, building confidence in their artistic talents while enjoying the playful magic of paint and brushes. Join us as we weave a tapestry of imaginative wonders, fostering a new generation of vibrant and culturally inspired artists!

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Artful Rhythms Tour

Our tour will take place over the course of six months, from May to October. Our team will consist of four professional facilitators, educators, and artists who specialize in interactive drumming and percussion instruments, as well as providing various creative workshops.