About Us

The starving artist has no choice but to create. We all have an insatiable desire to create, grow and change. We believe each individual creates their own reality. Our products and services enrich physical, mental and emotional health.

Our mission is to create quality products and services that evoke a sense of pride and involvement in our movement of equality, freedom, and expression.

We believe in FREEDOM. We believe in CHOICE. We are BOLD. We are creatives who choose to inspire and unite people through the power of art and design.

  • Interactive

    Each student will have the opportunity to play a drum and discover their own rhythm!

  • Fun

    Through call and response, sessions may include singing, dancing, beatboxing, and alot of laughing!

  • Learn

    We teach acceptance. There is no right or wrong way to be apart of the drum circle. Each student has the opportunity to discover their own rhythm.

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