School Age Workshop

 In this fun and interactive 30 minute workshop, students will experience the rhythmic power of the drum circle. Students learn through the communal music making experience how important it is to collaborate and listen to one another. They also learn the value of their individual contribution within the context of the group. This is a curriculum based workshop that uses call and response to break down barriers by allowing students to creatively express themselves through drums, tambourines, shakers and, bells. Drumming in a group will provide a fun and non competitive environment that builds your classroom, enhances togetherness, and improves group dynamics. We facilitate up to 4 sessions a day and each group can have up to 25 students. For more information fill out the contact form below or email:

  • Interactive

    Each student will have the opportunity to play a drum and discover their own rhythm!

  • Fun

    Through call and response, sessions may include singing, dancing, beatboxing, and alot of laughing!

  • Learn

    We teach acceptance. There is no right or wrong way to be apart of the drum circle. Each student has the opportunity to discover their own rhythm.

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